Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. Some more than others and they all range from mutliple different things. I’ve always grown up thinking a guilty pleasure was something bad. Something that isnt necessarily normal but you do it anyways. Which is kind of true.

As I recently look up the definition I think to myself.. why though? Why are these “guilty pleasures” a bad thing? Why do they have to be called guilty pleasures in the first place?

Now is this me just over thinking everything as usual? Yes of course, but I also think that for me, I wouldnt want to call them that.

So what if I like to eat a handful of cookie dough? Or stay up till midnight watching YouTube videos on my weekends? That’s not really hurting anybody. I’m not “guilty” because I do these things. In fact, I am quite happy. Hence the word “Pleasure”.

I think as humans we always obsesses over people judging us that we feel like if we do something that makes us happy. we have to make up some sort of excuse for it. Why? Could it be that it isnt considered “normal” or “right” ?

Why can’t we just enjoy the simple things in life without any worry? So what you like to watch re runs of old Diseny Channel shows? They were a part of your childhood! Or so what if you like to wear certain clothes because they make you feel good? Embrace it!

I am just so tired of being judged and being afraid of being judged. Why should we be afraid of what others think of us when they are probably doing the same exact thing?

Some people even make resolutions to reduce or to totally cut out “guilty pleasures” but are you really doing that to make yourself happier?┬áNow maybe one of your guilty pleasures, for instance, is eating a whole chocolate bar a night. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that you should do that every single night. Im also not saying that you have to completly cut it out. If you’re doing excercise or eating that full candy bar in moderation, why stop?

If it’s something that isnt harmful to you or others, why stop? Do the things that make you happy and don’t worry about what others think.

So live your life and be happy! Do the funny quirky little things that make you happy!.


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